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Lumion comes in 2 editions


Lumion Standard


Lumion Pro

Lumion is available in Standard and Professional editions. With the Lumion Professional edition, you can access the full range of content, features and effects, while Lumion Standard has a limited selection of effects and ⅓ of the entire content library.

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Explore the top features in Lumion Pro

Volumetric spotlights


With Lumion 12 Pro, it’s easier than ever to illuminate the atmosphere of your designs and cast their most remarkable elements in their best light. The new volumetric spotlight effect lets you cast a visible beam of light throughout your scene, adding atmosphere and dimension for a beautiful, cinematic ambiance.

Animated phasing

Show the process behind your design’s development or construction through the power of animation.

Surface decals


Give your visualizations a touch of character with 142 new surface decals. In just a click, you’ll transform walls and other surfaces with imperfections and wall art, including watermarks, exposed brick, moss, chalk drawings, paint markings, road markings, potholes and much more.

Orthographic views

Embed life, color and texture into all of your technical renderings, and make  lively plans, sections, elevations and more.

Volumetric fire


Cast a feeling of coziness and warmth to your interior and exterior renders with volumetric fire objects.

Rain streaks

Make raindrops soothingly glide down glass surfaces, a gripping detail that would otherwise take hours to get right.

OpenStreetMaps (and height and satellite maps)


Add real-world terrain, rivers, farmland, and more in just a click.

Full content library


Craft your vision with over 6,000 models and 1,250 materials in the library.



Choose one of 8 Styles and instantly balance light, depth and realism.

Fine-detail nature


Enhance your renders with the most detail-rich 3D tree and plant models in the content library.



Create a seamless, real-time rendering connection between the leading CAD programs and Lumion.

Real Skies


It takes a single click to give your design a clear blue morning, a stormy afternoon or an unforgettable sunset.


Add Lumion to your workflows

Whatever you imagine for your design, you can render with Lumion.
Bring your exteriors, interiors and landscapes to life, and enjoy every step of the journey along the way.

Displacement mapping


Show the relief and detail on surfaces with custom or built-in displacement maps.

Photo Matching


Place your 3D model in the context provided by a real-life photograph.

Sky Light


Heighten realism and atmosphere with daylight simulation technology.

Soft and fine-detail shadows


Inject realism into your render with beautiful, realistic shadows. 

Customizable 3D grasses


Turn the green spaces in your renders into beautiful, lifelike landscapes.

Paint placement


Place hundreds of nature objects in your project, as if painting on a piece of paper.

Atmospheric rain and snow

Communicate the feeling of your designs with atmospheric rain and snow.

Hand-drawn outline effect


Clearly communicate the form and shape of your building design.

Area lights and line lights


Easily create beautiful lighting arrangements that fill spaces with life.

Model and material variation

Compare multiple options, balance a range of concept options.

Foliage for materials


Show the surfaces of your design with leafy, realistic foliage.



Always give your glass materials their best look with PureGlass®.

And many others…

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Lumion makes it easy to show how your projects will translate into real-life experiences and emotions. 

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