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Learn to love rendering again

Lumion is satisfying to work with and it produces results that delight the client. It allows for moments of comfort and joy to seep into the process, making rendering feel like a luxury during those busier days at the office.

Think back to those early, pleasurable experiences you had as an architect, an intern, a student, or even just a connoisseur of beautiful designs. What emotions did you feel? Were you perhaps filled with wonder and excitement at the thought of one day becoming an architect?

Maybe it was the time you were overwhelmed with delight upon entering a building by your favorite architect. Maybe it was the friendship you made with a colleague during an otherwise intense internship at the big firm. Perhaps it was simply the late nights talking design concepts with friends, or the hours spent at your drawing table, sketching your passion project from an abstract thought to a fully-fledged design.

Or maybe it was the pure joy of flicking the lights on and off at the growing ire of your parents!

Rendering with Lumion can feel like a reminder of all the wonderful things that led you to become an architect in the first place.

“Hanging by a Thread” rendered in Lumion by Jeremias Dabbah. Student winner of Architizer’s One Rendering Challenge 2021.

With its intuitive and self-motivating workspace that removes the barrier of stress, Lumion helps you reconnect with the inherent pleasures in your craft. Thousands of objects and materials in the content library — not to mention the dozens of delightful yet practical photo and video effects — provide a rare opportunity to let loose, let go, and let your creative juices flow.

Let’s take a closer look at a few of the ways that Lumion can tap into your architectural passions and help you look at rendering from a new and exciting perspective.