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Lumion 101 for architects: example projects and templates

First time using Lumion 11? No worries! With nine example projects and templates, you can learn the basics and render a beautiful result in only minutes.

For over a decade, architects have celebrated Lumion as a stunningly simple learning experience. Lumion is designed to remove the element of stress from the process of rendering. Its low learning curve and real-time feedback enable a satisfying, enjoyable workflow, and it guides you as you import a CAD model, create a detailed and unique setting for the design, and render a client-ready image, video or 360 panorama.

No matter if it’s your first time using Lumion, or you’re looking for a useful trick to speed up your rendering, Lumion includes nine Example Projects and nine Project Templates to help get you started.

Instantly show your design in a snowy setting with the winter environment template.

In addition to using the Example Projects and Project Templates to help you master the software, you can continually improve your rendering techniques with the wealth of information and other tips and tricks on the Knowledge Base.


Basic tutorials for new users

Before jumping into the Example Projects, new users can quickly master the software and work comfortably in the 3D environment with the help of the basic tutorials for new users, an interactive tutorial available in Lumion 11 and Lumion 11 Pro.