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Express the personality of interior designs with Lumion 11

From the way the light flows into a room, to the personality and atmosphere throughout a space, Lumion 11 makes it simple to express your unique vision of the project and bring it to life.

Every room has its own story to tell, its own unique atmosphere and mood. Perhaps an eclectic living room gives off an aura of joy, or a rustic country kitchen pokes at feelings of nostalgia and comfort. Perhaps it’s the colors of the room sparking an emotion within you, or the way it seems as if there is a natural flow and order to the space.

When it rains, a reading nook in a bay window can become an oasis for the book lover. A cozy and warm fireplace on a starry night can communicate unlimited possibilities for a new family looking to buy a home.

With Lumion 11, it’s simple to craft these atmospheric details into all of your interior renders, and ignite emotions with your design ideas. The new rain streaks feature (Pro only) instantly captures the universal mood of a rainy afternoon; with volumetric fire objects (Pro only), you can create the warm and cozy mood of a welcoming fire.

The Custom IES spotlights feature lets you recreate the exact lighting arrangement you need; new micro shadows for spotlights unlock a sense of depth and realism that pulls you right into the scene.

Model provided by Angello Marques Arquitetura e Design. In the short, two-minute video at the beginning of the blog post, you’ll learn more about four of the new Lumion 11 features that help breathe life into interior designs. Continue reading below for a complete overview of Lumion 11 and a look at a few other new features ideal for interior architects, designers and visualization artists.


Get the complete overview of Lumion 11

With the right tools, architectural rendering can be an integrated part of the design process, an activity that emboldens your craft and inspires your vision for the final result.

You will enjoy yourself as you render your interior design with picturesque views from the windows, entrancing displays of interior and exterior light, deep and beautiful shadows that reveal depth and dimension, and a perfect dialogue of color and texture.

The best part is that you don’t need to be a visualization expert to create professional, client-ready renderings. Lumion’s simple, intuitive interface saves you time as you master the basics and start rendering in less than 15 minutes, and the wealth of video tutorials and our extensive Knowledge Base provides the support you need to push your projects to new heights.


New feature: RAL color picker

Lumion 11 now features a RAL color picker to ease your color selection and accurately connect it to the European color standard. No more guessing, no more ‘close enoughs’. Show your rendering with beautiful, accurate colors to manifest the life and emotion of your designed spaces.

You can also find an updated color picker when modifying colors throughout Lumion, such as with materials and object properties. With RBG, HSV and Hex color options, it takes only seconds to visualize an accurate arrangement of color that illustrates the project’s real-life appearance after it’s built.


New objects and materials in Lumion 11

A stack of books on the side table next to the sofa, shoes hurriedly left in a pile underneath the table, a cup of hot chocolate on the fireplace mantel, still steaming. When it comes to telling the story of your interior project, the specific items you display throughout a space truly influence its mood and tone.

In Lumion 11, you can take advantage of a content library with 401 new objects (some Pro only) for exteriors, interiors, landscapes and more, bringing the total in the Lumion Pro content library to 6,224 objects. You can also find 177 new interior objects to capture an air of sophistication with stylish chairs, tables, bookshelves and more.

Model provided by Angular Lab. Beautiful renders do more than communicate the material choices in your project; they ignite all the senses. With 63 new materials in the Lumion 11 content library, you can immerse your clients into a sensory experience, igniting memories of touch, smell, sound and sight. In total, Lumion 11 Pro includes a total of 1,292 materials in the content library.

Keep in mind that Lumion contains about one-third of the total library content, while Lumion Pro contains the full library. Numbers quoted are for Lumion Pro.


Real-time rendering with LiveSync

Lumion LiveSync lets you create a seamless, real-time rendering connection between the leading CAD programs and Lumion, including SketchUp, Revit, ArchiCAD, Rhino, Vectorworks and AutoCAD.

With the help of LiveSync for your interior projects, it’s possible to get a feeling of your work-in-progress model immersed in materials that feel real, cast with photorealistic lighting and lifelike shadows, and conveyed in a realistic setting.

Lumion LiveSync continues to extend to new CAD packages as part of its functionality, and the latest in this long list of real-time rendering possibilities is LiveSync for BricsCAD, available in Lumion 11.


Craft your vision of the interior design with Lumion

Whether it’s the way the morning sunlight floods into the hallway, or the serene and sophisticated mood of the dining room in the evening, Lumion 11 makes it simple to capture your exact vision and bring it to life.

With Lumion, it’s easy to convey how your design will translate into real-life experiences, and how the interaction between people, setting and architecture ignites a range of meaningful emotions in your viewers and clients.

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