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Looking back at beautiful landscape videos made in Lumion 10

With Lumion 11 on the horizon, we’re looking back at beautiful renders made in Lumion 10 that bring out the life and joy of natural environments.

House on the River, rendered in Lumion 11 (coming soon).

With 2020 coming to an end, and with Lumion 11 coming out soon, we are looking back at beautiful renders made throughout this past year in Lumion 10. We’re exploring how architects, designers, visualizers and other artists were able to inject life into their designs, and how Lumion became an essential aid in crafting renders with trees moving in the wind, majestic mountains capped with snow, and waterfronts communicating a sense of leisure and peace.

As landscape rendering has always been a strong component of Lumion, long appreciated by its users, this blog post focuses on the amazing work done by landscape architects and Lumion 10 users who have used Lumion to connect their architectural designs to the landscapes and natural environments surrounding them.

Model design by Van Manen. Render made in Lumion 10.

Prior to Lumion, landscape architects had no easy options to render a compelling representation of their project filled with life and the uniqueness of their vision, simply because rendering was often a laborious, expensive process. With the advent of Lumion, and over the last 10 years since the first version became available, small-scale landscape architecture firms around the world have produced films with an astounding level of quality, giving life to projects that haven’t been built yet and reflecting the imaginations of their creators.

Below, you’ll find 7 stunning videos made in Lumion 10 by users across the world. These videos highlight the importance of nature and beautifully detailed environments in rendering projects, featuring exceptional usage of Lumion features such as Real Skies, fine-detail nature models, OpenStreetMaps, the Precipitation effect, landscape tools and much more.


Chalet Ki by Max Achkovsky Architect

Surrounded by snow-capped mountains and built right into the hillside, this chalet-style residential home invites you into a spacious atmosphere where you can just feel the fresh air all around you.

Rendered by Max Achkovsky Architect in Lumion 10 (the interiors were rendered with Redshift), this short animation highlights the wildness of the environment, marked with a mixture of trees, shrubs, rocks and more. Additionally, when the setting transforms from summer to winter, showing bare trees and smooth mounds of snow, it’s easy to feel the year-round enjoyment and constant beauty of this mountain hideaway.


Hello Lumion 10 by Etretat Studio

Coming out of Korea, the 3D visualization group Etretat Studio wanted to demonstrate the range of natural environments you can achieve with Lumion 10, and how nature and setting influence the way we understand the design project.